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ABOUT Flycards

E-cards advocacy site
Project definition is a specialist in Islam Djimla and expressive images called advocacy electronic cards.
Each card contains a beautiful and light a missionary carries within it a fact meanings Commissioner for appropriate tolerant Islam to non-Muslims Tahedeha to eight international languages ​​so far, namely:
1. English
2. French
3. Spanish Language
4. Portuguese
5. German
6. Chinese Language
7. Filipino language
8. Japanese Language
As the man by nature needs to ask questions after when to change his view of Islam has been providing discuss preachers service through a private remote ON LINE conversation written in four languages ​​in conjunction with corner specialist dialogue in the call center and remote These languages ​​are:
English - French - Spanish - German
The reading is the soul food has allocated a private box for some appropriate light books to non-Muslims as well as for new Muslims to view and download directly in the case of the desire of the browser more books are directed to browse hundreds of specialized books in the languages ​​of the world at the site of the house of Islam
And because we know that social networking sites favorite place for the majority of people we have provided the cards in four months, a social networking sites: Facebook - Twitter - Anstjeram - Bnturnt.
And separate accounts for each language so that everyone can communicate in his own language without the need for translation between languages ​​and mobility.
As the world media has become occupies a large area in the impact it has dedicated channels on YouTube and our work on the provision of new Muslims and some dramatic short stories, the stories are all registered televised been shortened and translated and dubbed into several languages ​​to fit the rapid browsing through smart and computer setups.
Because smart devices have become the most widely used, we are currently working on providing all the cards and sections across Apple and Android applications available languages ​​and possible to make it easier for everyone to download and send what they want from cards and clips or donated to their friends in order to invite them to the right path.